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    SERENITY – Codex Atlanticus [Japanese Edition] [2016] [MP3]

    SERENITY, fifth studio album by the Austrian symphonic power metal band, titled “Codex Atlanticus”. The production is something that is really impressive, with no part of the mix being anywhere out of place and the music as complex as this it is a grand achievement. A diverse offering that touches all the emotions, spurns the atmosphere and drops all the jaws… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    BLOODBOUND – War Of Dragons [2017] [MP3]

    BLOODBOUND, seventh studio album by the Swedish power metal band titled “War Of Dragons”. Nearly every song in this album is about dragons. Occasionally they mention swords and war. But mostly it’s about dragons. Fortunately, the songs are upbeat without being “happy”, the music is tight, speedy symphonic power metal… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    MANIMAL – Trapped In The Shadows [2015] [MP3]

    MANIMAL, second studio album by the Swedish power metal band titled “Trapped In The Shadows”. Definitely makes a good impression, capturing the best elements of the power and traditional metal sounds in a tight, filler-free collection of songs. It sounds like the steel-studded love child of Primal Fear and Saxon, with hints of those classic later Urban Breed-era Tad Morose albums. The songs are wickedly melodic, satisfyingly heavy and never once fade into the background… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    VANDROYA – Beyond The Human Mind [2017] [MP3]

    VANDROYA, second studio album “Beyond The Human Mind” by the progressive metal band from Brazil. With this album, strays little from their melodic power metal foundations, playing with some progressive metal elements, often with breakdowns in tempo change. It’s a fine second effort for the band, probably even surpassing their debut album… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    PALANTIR – Lost Between Dimensions [2017] [MP3]

    PALANTIR. First studio album “Lost Between Dimensions” by the power metal band from Sweden, their style is mainly based on keyboards and various influences from traditional power metal bands with highly melodic touch. Fredrik Erixon-Enochson (the music made man), did almost everything in this album, was in charge of the orchestration, of recording the guitars, the bass and the keyboard… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    PANZER – Fatal Command [2017] [MP3]

    PANZER, second studio album by the Germany heavy metal band. After a great debut album with “Send Them All To Hell” back in 2014, but also a line-up change, additions of new guitarists V.O. Pulver (Poltergeist) and Pontus Norgren (HammerFall). PANZER are set to unleash their sophomore album “Fatal Command”… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    STYX – Caught In The Act (1984) [Limited Edition] [2016] [MP3]

    STYX. “Caught In The Act”, their first live album recorded (and filmed) in April of 1983 on the band’s “Kilroy Was Here” tour at the Saenger Theater in New Orleans, Louisiana. The album leads off with the new studio track “Music Time”, which was a US charting hit peaking at #40 in the Spring of 1984 yet doesn’t appear on either “Greatest Hits I or II” or the “Come Sail Away Anthology”, so you will have to get the track here only… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    Revista METAL HAMMER 359 – Octubre [2017] [77 MB] [PDF]

    Revista METAL HAMMER 359 – Octubre 2017. METAL HAMMER (también conocida como METALHAMMER) es una revista de Heavy Metal que se publica mensualmente en el Reino Unido, Alemania, Austria, Finlandia, España, Grecia, Polonia, Hungría, Suiza, Serbia, Australia. Con una editorial distinta en cada país. La idea de fundar METAL HAMMER, fue concebida en 1983 por el director londinense Wilfried F. Rimensberger. Quien además de tener la idea de la revista, también fundó una estación de radio enfocada exclusivamente sobre el metal, que se escuchaba en diversos países… Para continuar leyendo entra al POST…!

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    BATTLE BEAST – Unholy Savior [Japanese Edition] [2015] [MP3]

    BATTLE BEAST are now ready to unleash upon the world their newest creation and third album “Unholy Savior”, via Nuclear Blast Records. The album which takes the listeners on a solemn journey through walkways of Power Metal holds significance as even though the music is loud and heavy, the lively engaging nature of the music and the equilibrium they have retained between the heaviness and melody allow the music to be accessible to a wider audience… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    WARDRUM – Awakening [2016] [MP3]

    WARDRUM announce the release of their 4th studio album WARDRUM via Steel Gallery Records on the 25th of October 2016. “Awakening” is a pure metal album in the already known technical yet straightforward music style of the band, with 12 songs that take the band a huge step forward in terms of songwriting and performance… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    THEOCRACY – Ghost Ship [2016] [MP3]

    Athens, Georgia based progressive power outfit THEOCRACY has finally put forward its next effort. “Ghost Ship” is the fourth album from what started out as current vocalist and songwriter Matt Smith’s one-man project, and is today one of the most respected names in American power metal… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    HEAVEN AND HELL – Neon Nights: Live at Wacken [2010] [MP3]

    Neon Nights: 30 Years of HEAVEN & HELL, is the second live album by HEAVEN & HELL. It was recorded at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany on July 30, 2009. It includes official tracks from Dio’s time on Black Sabbath Records as well as “The Devil You Know” (2009). The album was released in CD and DVD format, the latter contains interviews on the 30th anniversary of the album “Heaven and Hell” (1980) and a tribute to Ronnie James Dio, with the recorded concert… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    DOUBLE DEALER – Fate & Destiny [Japanese Edition] [2005] [MP3]

    DOUBLE DEALER had received extremely positive reviews in Europe as well as exciting previews of their albums. “Fate & Destiny” displays an exciting mixture of hard-kicking guitar riffs from band leader Norifumi Shima, agile rhythms, heavy organ playing and great song lines from frontmann Takenori Shimoyama. All songs of the highest compositional and technical standards. “Fate & Destiny”, is the penultimate studio album of this legendary Japanese neoclassical power metal group, DOUBLE DEALER… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    INNERWISH – No Turning Back [2010] [MP3]

    INNERWISH entered the Devasoundz Studios in Athens, Greece and recorded their fourth album “No Turning Back”. Mixed by Fredrik Nordstrom and Henrik Udd at Studio Fredman in Sweden and was mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios in Finland. The quest for a new record label ended when they signed with the Swedish label Ulterium Records and “No Turning Back” was released in 2010. This album was their best album at the time and helped them reach new horizons and widen their name even more… To continue reading go to this POST…!