GODS OF SILENCE – Neverland [2017] [MP3]

GODS OF SILENCE – Neverland [2017]
[323 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps] by @rockbendaDIO

GODS OF SILENCE. The five Swiss rioters, formerly known as KIRK, are back with their fans and, as in the past, it’s clear from the very first sound what to expect. Fast-paced metal with progressive impact, numerous tempo changes, no exaggerated keyboard fuss, but with an intensity that is rarely found nowadays. Who knows this troupe, knows how hard the guys work for their success. They can now reap the fruits of their years of consistent work. Tracks like the hard-hitting, filigree opener “Army Of Liars”, “Against The Wall” or the fabulous STRATOVARIUS-like “Neverland” have all the advantages that a proper prog-tinted disc with a penchant for power metal. The hymn-like songs really impressively show that this album is more than successful, plus the first-class drumming and the bombast, which is always used by the choirs and thus further enhances the atmosphere of the album. “Neverland” sounds like a piece of cake and guarantees a long-lasting interest due to the diversified instrumentation. The new vocalist Gilberto Melendez is perfect and much better than on the previous albums, where Thomi Rauch was still on the Micro. Ultrafette riff attacks without compromise by Sammy Lasagni and a guitar sound that cuts like a sharp knife are the foundation of all tracks. But the rest of the song material knows very well and is in no way inferior to the songs mentioned here. GODS OF SILENCE is a great all-round hit that would satisfy any spoiled headbanger. This band will cause quite a stir in the future, as there is enough musical potential to be able to gradually recruit more followers. No matter how you turn it, “Neverland” is a very serious and for the most part wonderfully melodic Power Metal bullet…!

Album: Neverland
Content: CD Album [MP3]-[320 kbps]
Label: Rock Of Angels Records (ROAR1702CD)
Edition: GERMANY
Genre: Rock
Style: Power Metal
Date Release: September 8th, 2017
Notes: Debut album by the Switzerland power metal band.
01. Gods Of Silence (intro) (1:10)
02. Army Of Liars (5:28)
03. Against the Wall (4:15)
04. Neverland (5:10)
05. Full Moon (5:04)
06. The Phoenix (4:27)
07. Demons (5:20)
08. Wonderful Years (4:16)
09. Alone (4:43)
10. You Mean Nothing More to Me (4:47)
11. All My Life (4:12)
Line Up
Gilberto Melendez – Vocals
Sammy Lasagni – Guitars
Bruno Berger – Keyboards
Daniel Pfister – Bass
Philipp Eichenberger – Drums
Additional Notes
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Dennis Ward.
Co-Produced by Sammy Lasagni.
Photography by Dani Altermatt.
Artwork, Design & Layout by Stan-W Decker.
Recorded in 2016 at HOFA Studios (Karlsdorf/Germany),
the TrakShak Studio (Karlsdorf/Germany) and
the Noizy Bear Studio (Thurmen/Switzerland).
Audio Preview
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Album: Neverland
Date Release: September 8th, 2017
Format: [MP3]-[320 kbps]
Total Size: [323 MB]
Included: Artwork
Password: rockbendaDIO
Link: http://yoineer.com/7aUF
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