IRON SAVIOR 2017 – Reforged: Riding On Fire [Japanese Edition] [MP3]

IRON SAVIOR 2017 – Reforged: Riding On Fire [Japanese Edition] [320 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps] by @rockbendaDIO

IRON SAVIOR 2017. Fans not wise enough to pick up the initial releases of German band IRON SAVIOR’s first five classic albums (which were released on Noise Records) are out of luck as they are out of print. Since the band is not allowed to reissue the original recordings due to legal reasons, they decided to re-record select tracks from them. The albums the songs on “Reforged: Riding On Fire”, which are: Iron Savior (1997), Unification (1999), Dark Assault (2001), Condition Red (2002) and Battering Ram (2004). These are all 100% pure classic metal albums. Honestly, you could pull any song from them and this would work. Of course, some songs are more popular than others, and there are a colossal 20 songs here (over an hour and a half of quintessential heavy metal). From Iron Savior album: “Brave New World”, “For The World”, “Watcher In The Sky”, “Iron Savior”, “Atlantis Falling” and “Riding On Fire” (which serves as the subtitle to this collection). From Unification album: “Prisoner Of The Void”, “Eye To Eye” and “Mind Over Matter”. The only song from Dark Assault album is “I’ve Been To Hell”. Seven songs are extracted from the masterpiece Condition Red album: “Titans Of Our Time”, “Mindfeeder”, “Warrior”, “Tales Of The Bold”, “No Heroes”, “Protector” and the title track. The two tracks from Battering Ram album are “Break The Curse” and the title track. “Reforged: Riding On Fire”. Is essentially a “best of” double album from the first half of IRON SAVIOR’s career. If you’re already own all these albums, it’s still worth your time to hear these classics re-recorded with modern production values. If you have never listened to IRON SAVIOR, check out one of the best metal bands to ever exist…!

Album: Reforged: Riding On Fire [Japanese Edition]
Content: 2CD Albums [MP3]-[320 kbps]
Label: Victor (MICP-90104)
Edition: JAPAN
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal
Date Release: November 22nd, 2017
Notes: Eleventh studio album by the German heavy metal band.
01. Riding on Fire (2017) (4:56)
02. Battering Ram (2017) (4:52)
03. Brave New World (2017) (4:34)
04. Prisoner of the Void (2017) (4:45)
05. Titans of our Time (2017) (3:57)
06. Eye to Eye (2017) (5:59)
07. For the World (2017) (5:27)
08. Mindfeeder (2017) (4:47)
09. Watcher in the Sky (2017) (5:28)
10. Mind over Matter (2017) (5:37)
01. Warrior (2017) (4:50)
02. Iron Savior (2017) (4:28)
03. Tales of the Bold (2017) (5:32)
04. No Heroes (2017) (4:15)
05. Break the Curse (2017) (4:39)
06. Condition Red (2017) (4:59)
07. Protector (2017) (4:37)
08. I’ve Been to Hell (2017) (4:06)
09. Coming Home (2017) (bonus for Japan) (5:07)
10. Atlantis Falling (2017) (4:36)
Line Up
Piet Sielck – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Joachim “Piesel” Küstner – Guitar & Vocals
Jan-Sören Eckert – Bass & Vocals
Patrick Klose – Drums
Additional Notes
Produced by Piet Sielck.
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Piet Sielck at Powerhouse Studio. Hamburg, Germany.
Photography by Thomas Sprenger.
Graphic Design by Hyko.
Artwork by Felipe Machado Franco.
Recorded between June-August 2017.
Audio Preview
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Album: Reforged: Riding On Fire [Japanese Edition]
Date Release: November 22nd, 2017
Format: [MP3]-[320 kbps]
Total Size: [320 MB]
Included: Artwork
Password: rockbendaDIO
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