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    ANCIENT EMPIRE – The Tower [2017] [MP3]

    ANCIENT EMPIRE, third studio album by the American heavy metal band, titled “The Tower”, this new album released by the record label Stormspell Records, will be available from November 30. Classic US heavy metal for fans of Iced Earth, Jag Panzer, Omen, Armored Saint just to name a few… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    GONOREAS – Minotaur [Japanese Edition] [2017] [MP3]

    GONOREAS, sixth studio album by the Swiss heavy metal band, titled “Minotaur”, recorded and produced by V.O.Pulver, who is one of the biggest Swiss metal producer which has already worked wich artists such as: Destruction and Pro Pain. This full-length countain 10 songs (two bonus track live for Japan)… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    TIERRA SANTA – Quinto Elemento [2017] [MP3]

    TIERRA SANTA, undécimo álbum de estudio de la banda Española de heavy metal, titulado “Quinto Elemento”. Celebran su vigésimo aniversario y han vuelto de nuevo a sus raices, un heavy puro y duro, la temática es muy variada, tratando temas habituales como las historias bíblicas, o épicas y sobre problemas sociales, la canción que da título al disco nos habla sobre el poder de la imaginación… Para continuar leyendo vaya al POST…!

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    Metal Christmas

    VARIOUS ARTISTS – Metal Christmas [1994] [MP3]

    VARIOUS ARTISTS, compilation album of the Christmas classics performed by metal artists, titled “Metal Christmas”, featuring Paul Di’anno (ex-Iron Maiden), John Sloman (Uriah Heep), Kim McAuliffe (Girlschool), Steve Overland (FM), Ray Callcut (Lend US A-Quid), Denny Laine (Wings) and Carlos Creator (Spain’s Guitar)… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    IRON SAVIOR 2017

    IRON SAVIOR 2017 – Reforged: Riding On Fire [Japanese Edition] [MP3]

    IRON SAVIOR, eleventh studio album by the German heavy metal band, titled “Reforged: Riding On Fire”, the band re-recorded first five classic albums released on Noise Records. Iron Savior (1997), Unification (1999), Dark Assault (2001), Condition Red (2002) and Battering Ram (2004), with modern production values. Is essentially a “best of” double album from the first half of IRON SAVIOR’s career… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    IRON MAIDEN – The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter [2017] [MP3]

    IRON MAIDEN, tenth live album by the British heavy metal band, titled “The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter”, pulling tracks from across cities and festivals, they have arranged it to be portrayed as the live set, cherry-picking the songs from different places, it highlights how they deliver an incredible performance night after night… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    MEAN STREAK 2009

    MEAN STREAK 2009 – Metal Slave [MP3]

    MEAN STREAK, debut album by the Sweden heavy metal band, titled “Metal Slave”, reached the stores in September 2009 and made a huge impact on the European and Japanese metal markets. The album received 8/10 in Rock Hard magazine as well as 89/100 in Burrrn! and got airplay on metal radio stations all over the world… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    CAGE – Ancient Evil [2015] [MP3]

    CAGE, seventh studio album by the California heavy metal band, titled “Ancient Evil”. CAGE has been around since 1992 and are, one of the best American heavy metal bands. Sean’s voice is a mix of Rob Halford and King Diamond and he definitely rules in every song. It is good heavy metal with all the ingredients an album needs… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    PANZER – Fatal Command [2017] [MP3]

    PANZER, second studio album by the Germany heavy metal band. After a great debut album with “Send Them All To Hell” back in 2014, but also a line-up change, additions of new guitarists V.O. Pulver (Poltergeist) and Pontus Norgren (HammerFall). PANZER are set to unleash their sophomore album “Fatal Command”… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    HEAVEN AND HELL – Neon Nights: Live at Wacken [2010] [MP3]

    Neon Nights: 30 Years of HEAVEN & HELL, is the second live album by HEAVEN & HELL. It was recorded at the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany on July 30, 2009. It includes official tracks from Dio’s time on Black Sabbath Records as well as “The Devil You Know” (2009). The album was released in CD and DVD format, the latter contains interviews on the 30th anniversary of the album “Heaven and Hell” (1980) and a tribute to Ronnie James Dio, with the recorded concert… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    JUDAS PRIEST 2016 – Battle Cry [Live from Wacken Festival] [MP3]

    JUDAS PRIEST. “Battle Cry” live at Wacken Festival, playing new tracks from “Redeemer Of Souls” album, is an enjoyable package, particularly for PRIEST fans. The setlist features the hits but also impressive new material, “Halls Of Valhalla”, “Redeemer Of Souls”, “Devil’s Child” and “Dragonaut” fit in with the classic, iconic tracks… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    JACK STARR’S BURNING STARR – Stand Your Ground [2017] [MP3]

    JACK STARR’S BURNING STARR. “Stand Your Ground” is the seventh studio album. Starr recruits some skilled and experienced musicians to execute his musical schemes. Veteran Kenny Earl Edwards on drums; compatriot from other bands (Guardians of the Flame, Phantom Lord) Ned Meloni on bass; and Todd Michael Hall, one of the best true metal vocalists you will ever hear. Jack Starr and his Burning Starr brothers deliver an exceptional album of heavy metal… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    ACCEPT 2017 – The Rise Of Chaos [344 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps]

    German metal dinosaurs ACCEPT are far away from getting rusty, with band leader Wolf Hoffmann and his fellow band colleagues actually being extremely busy over the last years. After many years of in a hiatus, the band returned in 2009 with a new singer and a very welcomed new album. Mark Tornillo, known from his days with legendary TT Quick, took over vocals and it was his voice that fitted in a perfect manner to the ACCEPT’s powerful metal known from past and present… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    ACCEPT 2010 – Blood Of The Nations [Japanese Edition] [361 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps]

    ACCEPT they’re back! The “Teutonic Terror” responsible for such classic metal albums as “Breaker”, “Restless and Wild”, “Balls to the Wall” have reformed to deliver one of the best metal albums of 2010. “Blood Of The Nations” is the first slab of new ACCEPT material since 1996’s “Predator” and to say they are back with a vengeance is quite an understatement indeed. Yes, it’s sad but true, original and distinctive frontman Udo Dirkschneider is not onboard for this reunion crusade… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    RAGE – Seasons Of The Black [Limited Edition] [2017] [307 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps]

    RAGE upcoming new album “Season of the Black”. Longtime fans have watched as RAGE has released numerous albums, some outshining others by great lengths. There was a patch of time that the music just wasn’t up to their usual standard. Since last years “The Devil Strikes Again” and a much more solid line-up, RAGE returned to form in a huge way. That upward climb continues with “Season of the Black”… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    BURNING WITCHES – Burning Witches [Japanese Edition] [2017] [241 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps]

    The band BURNING WITCHES was founded during spring 2015 in Brugg, Switzerland, by guitar player Romana Kalkuhl. It has always been her big dream to perform with a women’s heavy metal band on stage. During the music university studies she already started her first group ATLAS & AXIS with which she has already recorded two albums and played several concerts. In 2015 Romana started to look for talented ladies for the new band. Jeanine Grob (bass) a longtime friend, became the first official member… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    RUNNING WILD – Under Jolly Roger & Port Royal [Japanese Edition] [1990] [313 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps]

    RUNNING WILD is a German heavy metal band, formed in 1976 in Hamburg. They were part of the German metal scene to emerge in the early to mid-1980’s. Over the course of their career, they have released sixteen studio albums, three live albums, five compilation albums, and six singles/EP’s. Although their earlier releases contained Satanic themes and imagery, Gerald “Preacher” Warnecke, the guitar player of the band, was studying theology at the time and is now a vicar in Cologne. In 1987, the band released the album “Under Jolly Roger”… To continue reading go to this POST…!

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    DIRKSCHNEIDER – Live: Back To The Roots [Deluxe Edition] [2016] [352 MB] [MP3]-[320 kbps]

    Everyone knows and loves Udo DIRKSCHNEIDER. As the founding member of Teutonic legends Accept, DIRKSCHNEIDER’s inimitable gargling yow was at the forefront of many a young man’s mixtape in the 80’s. “Live: Back to the Roots” is a double-length album of Udo’s favorite tunes from his Accept days, recorded live in Memmingen in April of this year. This tour is Udo’s way of putting to rest rumors and hopes of him rejoining his Accept mates. Instead, he embarked on a tour of all-Accept material as a tribute to his past… To continue reading go to this POST…!